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We offer lessons in guitar, bass, drums, violin, piano and (eventually) more instruments upstairs at Guitarma thanks to several extremely skilled instructors! To inquire about lessons, just contact us and we'll get the conversation started. 

Meet the Instructors

MATTHEW MULNIX: Guitar and bass

Matthew Mulnix began teaching music lessons in 2008 in his hometown of Bethany, MO. With experience working with students of any skill level, Matthew utilizes his background in music theory and ear training to help musicians achieve their goals. 

Since moving to Lawrence in 2016, Matthew has immersed himself into the music community. He holds roles as founder of Lawrence Songwriter Showcase, instructor of the Ukulele Orchestra at Lawrence Arts Center, and Director of Youth Ensembles at Americana Music Academy. He has released two albums of original pop/rock music, including The Truth Exposed in 2013, and Relative North in 2017. His music has been featured in publications such as Substream Magazine and The Alternative. 

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LORI BAKER: Guitar, bass, piano, violin, beginner percussion
A multi-instrumentalist, Lori Baker plays electric violin, guitar and keyboard.  She loves helping students of all ages play that song they've been dying to play!  While living in Nashville, she sang jingles in studios and played in several bands.  Although trained classically, she now plays blues/rock with bands in the greater Kansas City area.

TANNER BEEGHLEY: Guitar and bass

A predominantly electric guitarist based in Lawrence with over two decades experience, Tanner studied under Bangkok-based Italian Baroque and Classical guitarist, Dr. Jacopo Gianninoto, and has  done both session work and been involved in purpose-formed performing acts overseas. 

Tanner is open to teaching aspiring acoustic and/or electric guitarists of any skill level as well as bass students hoping to develop foundational skills. His methods, inspired by an eclectic international repertoire, embrace the raw, visceral spirit of the Blues, the subtle complexities and deliberate nature of Classical music, and the firepower that gives true Rock and Metal guitar their identity. 

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To inquire about lessons, contact us and we'll get the conversation started.