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We offer full-service stringed instrument, both on-site at our downtown Lawrence location and through our partner, Corwin Guitar Company, in Topeka Kansas. To inquire about repairs, pop in and see us anytime during business hours or contact us for an estimate.

Guitarma repair shop price list

The following list is meant to provide a rough estimate on starting prices for most jobs. Prices are subject to change based on in-person evaluations and customer requests.

Restring - 
Performed on-site with quick turn around. Includes fretboard conditioning, fret polish, truss rod adjustment and light-duty cleaning of the instrument. Price does not include strings.
– 6-string electric/acoustic guitar, bass: $15 + strings
– 12-string/classical guitar, folk instrument, Floyd Rose: $25 + strings

Performed on-site with quick turn around. Includes setting truss rod relief, string height, tremolo balance, nut slot depth, intonation, pickup height/balance, and a restring if desired. Prices do not include strings.
– Acoustic guitar/banjo/mandolin: $35 (add $10 for 12-string)
– Electric guitar/bass: $35 (add $10 for Floyd Rose)

– Fret dress (level/crown/polish): $120 [includes a $20 discount on setup] Performed on-site with quick turn around.

The following fret jobs are performed by our partners at Corwin Guitar Company in Topeka, Kansas. 

– Complete refret: $300 (add $75 for fretboards with binding or finish, add $150 for stainless steel fretwire)
– Partial refret: $20/fret
– Smooth fret ends: $30 (add $70 for fingerboards with finish)

Custom Nuts and Saddles
Performed by our partners at Corwin Guitar Company in Topeka, Kansas. 
–Bone nut: $75 (add $25 for 12-string)
– Bone saddle: $65
*Other materials including Graph Tech, ivory, ebony, Corian, and mother of pearl nuts and saddles are also available. [$20 discount on setup with new nut/saddle]

Common Structural Repairs
Performed by our partners at Corwin Guitar Company in Topeka, Kansas. Price does not include parts/materials.
– Crack repair (top, back, sides): $25 per cleat needed (typically at least 2)
– Reglue bridge (acoustic): $100 (add $25 for 12 string)
– Bridge replacement: $200 + saddle [custom bridge prices vary]
– Headstock repair: $150+ [$100 for simple break/glue]
– Replace broken tuner- $25 per tuner labor only
– Install new tuning machines- no modifications: $60 labor only
– Install new tuning machines - fill screw holes & finish touchup: $150
– Reglue loose braces: $60+ per brace
– Reglue loose binding: $15 per inch
– Plug & Re-cut Saddle slot: $75
– Neck resets: $400+

Price does not include parts/materials.
– Electric pickup installation: $40+ per pickup
– Switch replacement: $40
– Potentiometer replacement: $40
– Output jack replacement: $25
– Acoustic pickup installation: $50-100 depending on type
– Acoustic on-board preamp installation (w/ routing): $200
– Complete rewire: $200 (add $100 for hollow body)
* Electronics prices do not include components

To inquire about guitar and stringed instrument repairs, contact us or pop in for a visit!