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Naylor Superdrive Sixty 2x12 combo


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This Michigan-era Naylor SuperDrive 60 2x12 combo is unbelievable. Often described as, "the best Marshall tone I've ever heard", this 60-watt, all tube combo runs two 5881 Output and 12AX7WB Pre-amp & Effects Loop tubes. It's a single channel design, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's a one-trick-pony. The Dual Stage Gain Control adjusts two stages of gain simultaneously, for the smoothest, most gradual transition between clean, overdriven and heavily distorted settings, and it has two inputs - a low and a high - so you can nail some pretty amazing cleans as well.

Amp controls include Master, Gain, Bite, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence.

This amp is on consignment, so is not eligible for any shipping discounts. 

Naylor Superdrive Sixty SD60 2x12 combo