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Yamaha RX120 drum machine - w/original power supply (consignment)

Here we have aYamaha RX120 drum machine - w/original power supply. These 80's drum machines always have that classic tone and presets. This model in particular delivers a ton of versatility and the ease-of-use that people are after. The multitude of rhythms also make this unit stand apart. The unit itself is in good condition and comes with the original power supply, plus a two-button footswitch for controlling it.

Here's what Yamaha has to say: 

The RX120 is a preset-based drum machine similar in sound to the RX17, but lacking the same programmability. It has 40 preset patterns each with 8 variations. It requires an external 12-volt positive-tip power supply.


Year Released: 1988

Polyphony: 12 notes

Preset Patterns: 320

User Songs: 20

ROM Size: 38 sounds

Screen: 16 character LCD

Weight: 1.5 kg

Dimensions: 350 mm x 191 mm x 54.5 mm