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1974 Gibson L6-S w/OHSC


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Check out this absolutely gorgeous 1974 Gibson L6-S. This one looks stunning in its rare Cherry Burst finish on the the one-piece maple body. A nice looking piece of wood, too, paired with a dark Ebony, 24-fret fretboard. (The first Gibson model to feature a two-octave neck.) This one has a few modificiations - first, and most obviously, it has a genuine Bigsby tailpiece instead of the original Schaller. The Schaller "harmonica" bridge appears to be original. The other notable mod is that this one features a simplified (more usable) three-way switch versus the original 6-position rotatry switch. However, the original switch and control board is included, and will ship along with the guitar. Not quite as apparent of an upgrade, this one has also been completely re-fretted by Fountain City Guitarworks in Kansas City, MO (makers of Seuf Guitars.) They do great work, and this one plays amazing and sounds great with the original "super humbucker" pickups. Here in Excellent vintage condition with a few superficial dings and smudges (pictured) this one ships in the original hardshell case! 
1974 Gibson L6-S w/OHSC & Bigsby