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1970s Antoria Club Hofner copy w/case


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Here's one you don't see to often - a 1970s MIJ Antoria "Foreign" Hofner copy w/case. This is a super cool little guitar - great jazz tones from the non-original neck pickup. It's likely that these originally were purely acoustic jazzers, so the added electronics make this one a lot more versatile and usable. This one shows plenty of playwear all around, but nothing that effects playability. There is some replaced binding (pictured) and the neck pockets shows signs of a reset from a past life (also pictured). These were made in the same factory as the early lawsuit-era Ibanez and Guyatone guitars, and subsequently, holds to many of the great build traits you'd expect. All in all, this is a great little guitar, and cool piece of MIJ guitar history.  
1970s Antoria Hofner copy w/case - MIJ