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1984-87 MIJ Squier Bullet - black

Check out this 1984-87 MIJ Squier Bullet - black. These guitars have gained a cult following over the years due to their quirky body shape and comfortable neck profiles. Word on the street is that these guitars were produced when Fender was changing manufacturers and moving production to China. This does explain the uniqueness of this model. A telecaster neck, strat pickups, single volume and tone, a two point bridge, and a totally new body design? An interesting spec sheet to say the least. 

This model has definitely been well loved, but not abused! The neck features the most wear, with a scratch that runs across the 5th dot marker. There is some interesting wood grain on the neck as well, appearing to be worn off finish, but thankfully that's not the case here. The body has some dings and swirl scratching, but is otherwise very clean. This guitar is all original to our knowledge as well. It is setup with medium-low action with minimal buzz below the 12th fret, however, there is a bit of buzzing on the low E at the 12th and the high E at the 14/15th fret. The high E string also starts to ride pretty close the fretboard edge above the 12th, but is still playable as-is. No case or gigbag, but will be packed secure. 

Overall, a super cool blast from the past in need of new player!

Please note: this is a consignment item and is sold as-is, as-described, no returns.