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1993 Martin MC-68 - w/OHSC


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Here's one you don't see too often - a 1993 Martin MC-68. These were produced for a less-than-decade-long stretch in the late 80s to mid 90s. It was Martin's highest model of their 60 Series maple guitars, and only about 200 were made. The company believed that cutaway acoustics should offer the same access to upper frets as an electric guitar so used a deep cutaway and a 22 fret neck, which necessitated the funky-cool oval soundhole. Like other Martin M models, this is essentially a 0000 size guitar, with scalloped top bracing, and the result is a loud and powerful tone with the balance and mid-range punch you expect from maple.

This one is Good condition, showing some signs of play wear, in addition to some evidence of repairs over its nearly 30 year life. You'll notice in the pictures, it looks like the bridge had come up at some point, and was reglued. It also has two repaired top cracks (cleats are visible in the sound hole). Additionally, and we're not totally sure what the deal is here, but it appears the nut has been replaced, but there is a small gap between the neck binding and where the nut starts - as if whoever did the nut repair possibly damaged the binding and opted to just remove a small portion? Who knows.

Either way, this one is completely original except for an under-saddle pickup with 9 volt battery attached to the inside of the neck block. It plays and sounds great, as you'd expect, and is has a lot of cool factor for being such a rare model. Includes the original hardshell case, as well as a sales receipt from Elderly Instruments where it came from at some point (don't think it was the original/new sales receipt. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a consignment item and is sold as-is, no returns. 
1993 Martin MC-68 - w/OHSC