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2002 Hamer Studio - w/Gator HSC

Here we have a Very Good+ condition 2002 USA Hamer Studio. Great sounding instrument, both clean and overdriven. Cosmetically, very clean and setup nicely with 11s. Weight is 8 pounds 7 ounces. 


- a few small dings on the sides

- two small dings on the tip/side of the headstock 

- some light lacquer scuffing by the input jack

- some very light lacquer scuffing on the top by the bass-side bridge thumbwheel 

- one teensy top ding by the bass side of the bridge pickup

Non-original parts include a set of Rio Grande BBQ/Texas pickups and a set of Grover Deluxe Kluson-style tuners (not pictured - please note: you can see a bit of the existing non-plugged screw holes).

Ships in non-original plastic molded Gator Les Paul-size case.