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Cornerstone Music Gear Gladio Double Preamp overdrive pedal - w/box

This Cornerstone Music Gear Gladio Double Preamp overdrive pedal is wicked cool. Some very solid D-style tones in a super versatile and small package. This one is in great working condition, but the metal enclosure is a little grimey - looks like it reacted to a cleaning solution or similar. Rest assured, it works and sounds great. Includes the original box. No discontinued, grab one while you can!

Here's what Cornerstone has to say:

Every guitar player that starts playing blues guitar must know these artists very well.

Their sound made history and despite being very different from each other, their sound has one thing in common.

They all used a Dumble amp.

So why not try to put some of those artists’ sounds into a pedal?

Why not try to capture some of the feel of those sounds and put it into a pedal that could help players stop searching gear and finally be inspired?


GLADIO is an overdrive with a realistic tube-compression behavior, still always retaining a rich touch-sensitive response, with two independent channels with totally different voices for a lot of versatility.