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Danelectro Hodad 12-string

Here we have a super rad Danelectro Hodad 12-string. There is a slew of tonal options with this electric 12 string. This guitar has a rotary "Select-o-Matic" switch that allows you to select any single pickup, or run a combination of two pickups in series. You can also choose to bypass the rotary switch, activating all three pickups in series.

In terms of condition, this guitar looks very good. On the back, theres some swirl scratching/buckle rash, and the strap button has been relocated from the heel of the neck to the top horn of the body. There is a small ding on the back of the neck around the 2nd and 3rd fret. Otherwise, this thing is too much fun and plays great. It's currently set up with a set of flatwounds, making it a smooth experience all around. 

Please note: this is a consignment item and is sold as-is, no returns.