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Fender Champion 600 5-watt 1x6 combo amp

Small but mighty! Here we have this lil Fender Champion 600 5-watt 1x6 combo amp. These amps are a ton of fun and sounds pretty great. It definitely has a charming "vintage" tone and can get decently loud. This would be perfect for a bedroom player or even a studio looking for something to mic up! In terms of condition, this example looks very good. Some of the adhesive that is holding the white tolex on has lifted slightly, but otherwise the amp is very clean. All around, a cool amp from Fender's old catalog. 

Here's what Fender has to say:

Great little tube amp for recording!

Fender's Champion 600 is small on size but big on tone with a 5-watt two-tone amp and a 6" speaker. It's great for practice or recording. The controls couldn't be simpler - a single volume knob and an on/off switch. Fender added a higher-gain preamp circuit to boost the overdrive and high- or low-gain inputs for sonic options. This is a great no-fuss way to get classic Fender tube tone integrated into your setup. For tone-obsessed guitarists on a budget, the Champion 600 is a must have!

Fender Champion 600 Features:
  • Tube
  • Output: 5 watts
  • Speakers: One 6", 4-ohm Special Design driver with ceramic magnet
  • Channels: One (with High- and Low-gain Inputs)
  • Tube Preamp and Tube Power Amp (One 12AX7 tube; One 6V6 tube).
  • High-gain and low-gain inputs
  • Hotter preamp circuit than the 1950 original for warm natural overdrive when turned up
  • Single volume control
  • External speaker output
  • Brown and blonde vinyl covering; vintage-correct 1950 "two-tone" cosmetics
  • Leather strap handle
  • Red jewel pilot light
  • Controls: Volume
  • Covering: Vintage-correct 1950 "two-tone" cosmetics