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Lakland Skyline Series 44-02 bass - flame maple top, cherry burst

Here we have this striking Lakland Skyline Series 44-02 bass - flame maple top, cherry burst. In terms of condition, this bass looks excellent. There are no major signs of wear or use and the finish shows no severe scratches or dings. This bass features several tonal variations due to the slew of controls Lakland includes stock on this puppy. Wanna be able to split your coils? Yup, it can do that. Wanna blend both the neck and the bridge at leave the preamp engaged? It's got that too! This thing is just a blast to play around with. All in all, a great bass by a well respected company.  

Please note: this is a consignment item and is sold as-is, no returns.

Here's what Lakland has to say:

Whether you're playing the local bar scene Friday nights, carrying the rhythm Sunday mornings, or blazing the tour circuit seven days a week, the Lakland 44-02 Deluxe Skyline series bass is the kind of instrument you want to have. The 44-02 Deluxe walks the line between premium quality and high-end price, giving you a fantastic looking, playing, and sounding bass for a great low price. So if you want more from your bass without spending more for your bass, take it from Sweetwater — the 44-02 Deluxe by Lakland is perfect for you!

Lakland's 44-02 Deluxe Skyline features a distinct and recognizable body shape with a gorgeous quilt maple top. The comfortable offset-waist design has great balance and feel. The 44-02 Deluxe Skyline even gives you the same custom-contoured curves, bridge, and pickups as the original US version.

No matter what style of music you play, the Lakland MM-J pickup system will give you every tone you could want. The 44-02 Deluxe Skyline bass sports the same amazing pickups and preamp found on the (much more expensive) 44-94. These active electronics give your instrument serious punch, plus extra expression across the whole fingerboard. A dual-coil MM-style humbucking pickup in the bridge gives you fat, aggressive tones. Meanwhile, the Lakland Split-coil J-style humbucking pickup in the neck position offers mellow, warm tones without any of the hum that plagues vintage designs

Beneath its remarkable duo of active pickups, the Lakland 44-02 Deluxe Skyline bass features the perfect combination of tonewoods, giving you a harmonically rich and hard-hitting sound like no other. What's more, its smoothly contoured ash body makes the 44-02 Deluxe Skyline one of the most comfortable basses you'll ever pick up, and its solid maple neck adds extra punch and sustain to every note you play.


  • Number of Strings:4
  • Left-/Right-handed:Right-handed
  • Body Shape:XX-02
  • Body Material:Ash with Quilted Maple top
  • Body Finish:Gloss
  • Color:Cherry Sunburst
  • Neck Material:Maple
  • Neck Joint:Bolt-on
  • Radius:10"
  • Fingerboard Material:Maple
  • Fingerboard Inlay:Dots
  • Number of Frets:22
  • Scale Length:34"
  • Nut Width:1.6"
  • Nut Material:Delrin
  • Bridge/Tailpiece:Lakland Dual Access
  • Tuners:Hipshot Ultralight
  • Neck Pickup:Lakland Split-coil J Style
  • Bridge Pickup:Lakland MM Humbucker
  • Controls:1 x master volume (pull preamp bypass), 1 x blend control, 3-band active EQ, 3-way mini-switch (bridge coil-tap), LH3 preamp
Please note: this is a consignment item and is sold as-is, no returns.