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NEW StompLight stage DMX Pro pedal light - display model


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Super cool StompLight stage DMX Pro pedal light in Brand New (display model) condition with box, manuals and power supplies. Very neat tool for small or solo live performances. 

Here's what StompLight has to say:

Make your show a multi-sensory experience.

The StompLight DMX Pro brings together patented engineering, professional lighting effects with extraordinary ease. Using StompLight products musicians, Mobile DJs, artists and venues can quickly add sound active performance lighting to any environment in seconds. StompLight is DMX compatible and is designed to work seamlessly with the StompLight Pal. If you have an existing DMX system the StompLight DMX Pro can function as a controller and/or slave when connected.
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StompLight's 5 Modes
Color Wheel Mode
 - Cycles through all the color variations with adjustable speed and brightness. Great for "stomp it and leave it" overall visual ambiance.

Solid Color Mode - Choose a color as the mood hits you and wash the stage. Stunning colors include Ice Blue, Rasta Green, Purple People Eater and Demon Red. This mode is also great for 1) up-lighting your band banner 2) up-lighting your killer amp/rig on stage. You can also choose a color from the Color Wheel and add it to the Solid Color palette.

Sound Active (aka Color Organ Mode) - This mode utilizes the built-in microphone and internal 7-band spectrum analyzer to create lighting that responds to your playing and frequency of the audio you produce. Drummers will love this mode! See this testimonial Sound Active Mode works great for bands, house music, and DJs looking to add visual response and dynamics to a performance, session or rehearsal.

Instrument/Mixer Mode - Plug your electric guitar or bass, keyboard, microphone or mixer into StompLight's 1/4" input, adjust StompLight's input gain knob and generate exciting and responsive lighting. This mode also can also utilize the 7-band spectrum analyzer option if desired.

Stroboscopic Mode - Switch to the classic strobe effect with adjustable speed and brightness for dance parties, raves and haunted houses. People with photosensitive epilepsy and photo sensitivity should refrain from using this mode.

StompLight stage DMX Pro pedal light