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Strymon Ola Chorus and Vibrato w/box

Here's a Very Good condition Strymon Ola Chorus and Vibrato, including the original box. It does have velcro on the bottom, but is otherwise very clean. Sounds frickin' FANTASTIC as you'd expect. 

Here's what Strymon has to say:

Certified Organic.

When we set out to design Ola dBucket Chorus and Vibrato, we knew that we wanted to take a high-performance SHARC DSP and dedicate all of its horsepower to doing one thing—providing the most lush and organic chorus and vibrato sounds ever heard.

Chorus & Vibrato Workhorse.

Our hand-crafted, processor-intense dBucket algorithm delivers all of the warmth and sonic complexities of analog choruses and vibratos.

Couple that with true bypass, a favorite preset, stereo input and output, and a super high quality analog front end and output section, and you have yourself a versatile chorus and vibrato workhorse.