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Supro 1606 Super 5W 1x8 Tube Guitar Combo

These little Supro 1606 Super 5W 1x8 combos are a blast. First, they sound great. Second, they are super light. And finally, you can dial in killer cranked tube tone without blowing down the walls. This one is in Excellent condition, cosmetically and functionally. 

Here's what Supro has to say:


The Super is a reissue of the iconic 1x8 combo made by Supro in the early 60s. With a single volume knob—and nothing else—the Super lets you hear the full tonal range of the tube preamp found in vintage Supro amplifiers. The purposeful absence of EQ controls in this amp’s original design eliminates the passive components that inevitably weigh down the raw power coming from the preamp when a tone knob is included in the circuit. The no-frills, high-gain preamp featured in the Super feeds directly into a Class A, 6V6-equipped, single-ended, 5-Watt power amp that dates to the company’s pre-war origins as one of the first American tube amp manufacturers. Featuring our custom SS8 speaker for the perfect balance between at-home tone and recording studio ripping.