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Vintage 1963 Gibson Firebird III - reverse body, neck through w/HSC


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If you've ever wanted a vintage a first-year Firebird, but don't want a second mortgage, this Fair condition Vintage 1963 Gibson Firebird III might just be the one! We'll start with what's awesome about it - it plays and sounds killer. It's one of those instruments that kicks back into your belly a little bit when you play a chord. Nice and resonant, comfortable weight and, man, is it fun to play. It features the early reverse body style and the early neck through design, plus the 2-piece neck centerpiece - meaning it is definitely a 1963 (later years saw many changes to the body/design). Note: it does have the non-beveled headstock like a 65, BUT this is due to the overlay likely having been removed when the headstock finish was stripped/oversprayed black. 

If an all-original collector piece is what you're after, this isn't likely the one. It has virtually no original parts aside from the pots (which date to Oct, 1963). It has had the finish stripped, and an odd strip of gold-ish (non-original) finish remains under the pickups on the middle body slab. The finish being stripped also has made the serial number stamp essentially invisible. It was once routed for humbuckers, but now features a pair of more appropriate Firebird mini humbuckers - not sure the brand - there is a code and signature, but not one that I recognize. The pickup routes were not done by a pro, and doesn't look like the re-do for the mini hums was done much better. The bridge and vibrato tailpiece are non-original, and it looks as if the original post holes were filled and moved to accommodate this, or some other incarnation over the years. It also has non-original banjo tuners.

Now back to the good - this guitar kicks major butt... Includes a non-original hardshell case.  

PLEASE NOTE: This is a consignment item and is sold as-is, no returns.
Vintage 1963 Gibson Firebird III - reverse body, neck-through, 2-piece neck centerpiece w/HSC