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Vintage 1978 Yamaha SG2000 - w/OHSC, hangtag (consignment)

Oooff. I want this one bad. Easily one of the coolest guitars to come through the shop, this Vintage 1978 Yamaha SG2000 is definitely one to get excited about nowadays. Taking clear inspiration from the Gibson SG, this model features the symmetrical point double-cut body we all know and love. Yamaha took notes from Carlos Santana after asking him to endorse the guitar. He didn't like the low weight and the lack of resonance of the previous SG Yamaha models, so the company used thicker woods and installed a brass plate connected to the bridge. This is also when they introduced their laminated necks featuring three pieces of maple and two thinner pieces of mahogany. Of course, Yamaha couldn't get away with the "SG" name forever. Gibson eventually came knocking on their door, causing the name to change to SBG. 

In terms of condition, this guitar is in EXTREMELY good condition, especially considering the age. A few dings on the top and some light swirls all around, with clean frets, nice fretboard and great wood grain. It appears everything is original on this piece, even coming with the original hardshell case and hangtag. Just a great player all around. 

Please note: this is a consignment item and is sold as-is, no returns.