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Vintage DigiTech RP-1 effects processor

Well, this thing is a blast. Here's a DigiTech RP-1 effects processor in Good vintage condition. Everything sounds great and functions at about 99% - the Bypass switch and Delay switch are a little sticky and sometimes (not always) require a few taps to get them to engage. All program/parameter/title/utility buttons seem to work as they should, though we haven't gone deep enough to edit the title of a preset - I'm sure they are similar in that they may require a few presses occasionally to get them to engage. Screens look great, and the enclosure itself if pretty clean. We've opened this one up to clean the switches and check things out. The gain and stereo modulations in this machine sound absolutely killer. Wouldn't tour with this one, but for some studio or home playing fun, this one would be perfect. 

Please note: this one is sold as-is, as-described no returns.