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Vintage Maestro Phase Shifter PS-1A - non-original transformer

Yowza! Check out this Good vintage condition Maestro Phase Shifter PS-1A. This one is clean for its age with dings and scratches from use, but no signs of abuse. It does appear that the transformer was replaced at some point (it's extra shiny, and the screw mounts don't line up perfectly). Only ONE screw holds the transformer in place instead of two. Functionally, this thing sounds great, but do note, to get all three speeds to function, you first have to place all switches in the on position and then work backwards instead of simply turning "slow" on. The "slow" speed can be a little touchy as well - doesn't always turn on. I'm not familiar enough with the circuit to know if this is an easy fix, or what's normal, but am guessing it just needs some regular use and maybe some cleaning to function 100%. 

Please note: this is a consignment item and is sold as-is, no returns.