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Walrus Audio Warhorn/Ages overdrive - Pedal Movie Exclusive

Wish you could have two wicked-cool Walrus Audio pedals in one? Cue this Excellent condition Walrus Audio Warhorn/Ages overdrive (a Pedal Movie exclusive). Here are some details about each side of the pedal individually:

  • The Warhorn: The Warhorn is a mid-range overdrive pedal that is designed to provide a warm, natural-sounding drive tone. It features a three-band EQ that allows you to tweak the bass, mid, and treble frequencies to your liking. The Warhorn also has a toggle switch that lets you choose between two different clipping modes: a symmetrical clipping mode for a smoother, more compressed sound, and an asymmetrical clipping mode for a more open, dynamic sound. Additionally, the Warhorn has a clean blend knob that allows you to mix in your dry guitar signal for added clarity and articulation.

  • The Ages: The Ages is a more aggressive overdrive pedal that is designed to provide a wide range of distortion tones, from classic overdrive to modern high-gain distortion. It features a six-position rotary knob that lets you select between different clipping modes, including symmetrical, asymmetrical, and diode-lift modes. The Ages also has a three-band EQ that allows you to shape your tone, as well as a rotary knob for adjusting the level of the drive. Like the Warhorn, the Ages has a clean blend knob that lets you mix in your dry guitar signal.

The Warhorn is suited for players looking for a warm, natural overdrive sound, while the Ages is perfect for players looking for a more aggressive overdrive/distortion sound. Together, you can have it all and cascading them is a blast! No box or power supply.