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early 70s Ibanez 2404WH 4/6 doubleneck


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This early 70s Ibanez 2404WH 4/6 doubleneck is currently the crown jewel of Guitarma's lawsuit MIJ Ibanez collection. Extremely rare in the bass+guitar configuration, and especially rare in this condition. It's very clean, minus a few superficial smudges and a few dings (all pictured.) Everything is original on this one aside from the addition of the period-correct, Ibanez tremolo on the 6-string side. Both sets of pickups sound just straight up awesome in this one. The bass side features a bridge with foam under the strings for a very cool, almost muted tone. And the guitar side Maxon pickups are hot as all heck, like most of these 70s MIJ lawsuit Gibson copies. As for playability, this one is setup and ready to play with minimal buzz up and down the neck(s), and a fret dress would make perfect. Both truss rods function and are not broken, however, the truss rod nut on the bass side is stripped and will need to be replaced eventually. This one includes the ORIGINAL hardshell case. Give in and grab this extremely collectible, and surprisingly practical, instrument before it's gone! 
early 70s Ibanez 2404 4/6 doubleneck w/original case - Lawsuit-era MIJ